• About the Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Awards


    To recognise and showcase the diversity of PolyU’s Knowledge Transfer for the wider benefit of the economy and society, PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co. Ltd. (PTeC) and Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) is proud to present the “Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Awards” as a celebration of PolyU’s 80th Anniversary and PTeC’s 20th Anniversary.


    The awards aim to:
    1. exemplify and showcase the quality and innovativeness of PolyU’s know-how and technologies being transferred to

    industry, businesses and the community;
    2. pay tributes to our long-term partners who had adopted our know-how, technologies or consultancy services in

    realizing their objectives.


    There are two categories of Awards, namely:
    1) Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards - to pay recognition to outstanding PolyU staff members for their accomplishments in transferring PolyU's know-how / expertise that have created significance and high impact.
    2) Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards - to honour clients who have been our long-term partners by adopting our services or technologies in supporting knowledge transfer of PolyU, and also contributing to the higher productivity of their businesses / operations and the betterment of our community.





  • Nominations and Eligibility

    Nominations for the 2017 awards are open to all full-time PolyU staff members. Staff may make single or multiple nomination(s) in the following two categories:
    1) Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards - nomination for an individual project / specific expertise or technological area associated with their contract research, consultancy and/or licensing activities at the PolyU, with demonstrated application and impact to industry and/or the community. There are four separate sub categories to choose from:
    a) Research Excellence;
    b) Technological Excellence;
    c) Community Excellence; and
    d) Business Excellence


    2) Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards - nomination for any commercial or industrial corporations, public bodies, NGOs or government departments, etc. who have demonstrated strong partnership with PolyU by adopting our contract research, consultancy and/or technology licensing services.
    All nominations should be associated with consultancy, contract research and/or licensing activities contracted or completed via PolyU and/or PTeC within the past 5 fiscal years (i.e. on or after 1 July 2011).

    Closing date for submissions: 28 Dec 2016

  • Nomination Forms

    Please download nomination forms here.
    Completed applications shall be submitted (together with any supporting documents)

    by email : ptec.notice@polyu.edu.hk on or before 28 Dec 2016.

  • Judging and Criteria

    Eligible applications will be reviewed by a screening panel (comprising of PolyU staff members). Shortlisted nominees for each sub-category will be selected, as appropriate, based on the information provided in the application. Shortlisted nominees will then be invited to provide a short presentation to the Judging Panel in mid January 2017 and the winners will be announced in February 2017.

    Judging Panel

    The Judging Panel will comprise of experts in the field of knowledge transfer, drawn from PolyU’s senior management, including member(s) from PolyU's Knowledge Transfer Committee, and industry and business leaders affiliated with PolyU.

    Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards

    The nominations will be assessed based on:

    • Research/ Community and Social/ Technological and industrial/ Business value (40%)
    • Recognition (30%)
    • Performance and achievement (20%)
    • Future potential (10%)

    Please refer to Nomination Form for details.

    Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards

    The nominations will be assessed based on:

    • Depth and breadth of partnership (35%)
    • Impact on Client’s Business (35%)
    • Impact on Industry & Society (15%)
    • Impact on PolyU and/or its subsidiaries (15%) 

    Please refer to Nomination Form for details.

  • Important Dates

    Nomination Deadline : 28 Dec 2016

    Assessment : Jan-Feb 2017

    Results Announcement : Feb 2017

    Awards Presentation : end May 2017 (to be presented at the Stars Connected 80th anniversary event)

  • Business Excellence Award

    Enabling clients to expand their markets and generate business success and growth.

    Grand Award

    Development of New Academic Programmes in Travel and Tourism Management for King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia

    With the continuous growth of international tourism in the Middle East, there is an increased demand for trained tourism personnel. Recognising this need, KAU has invited PolyU to develop a Diploma Programme in Travel and Tourism Management, which is modelled on PolyU’s Higher Diploma Programme. The Programme has been well received by the local industry and received approval from Saudi Arabia’s National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment. KAU’s Tourism Institute was also conferred the status of Faculty in June 2016.

    Following the success of the Diploma programme, KAU continues to engage PolyU in developing two degree level programmes: namely (i) Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management, and (ii) Master of Science in Event and Tourism Management.


    Principal Reseaercher : Dr Tony Tse

    School of Hotel and Tourism Management

    Team Members:

    Prof. Kaye Chon, Prof. Brian King, Dr Barry Mak and Dr Karin Weber



    Merit Award

    Brand Management, Equity, Loyalty and Assessment for Chow Tai Fook Jewellery

    Since 2006, a series of progressive brand management projects have been carried out by PolyU’s researchers to create and maintain a strong retail brand for Chow Tai Fook Jewellery. The focus in recent years is on developing and maintaining an attractive brand loyalty programme to support the sustainable growth of the Chow Tai Fook brand as the “Asian-leading Jewellery Retailer” by attracting new customers and maintaining loyal customers.

    The researchers not only provide professional advice on how to maintain brand presence but also help integrate effective communication channels and social media for the company.


    Principal Researcher : Dr Ken Wong Yuen-wai

    Department of Management and Marketing

    Team Members :
    Dr Sherriff Luk Ting-kwong, Dr Ivy Chen Siok-ngoh and Mr Ian Wong Chi-yan


  • Community Excellence Award

    Creating community and social values while enhancing the well-being of the society.

    Grand Award

    Anti-heat Stress Clothing for Construction Workers in Hot and Humid Weather

    Summer in Hong Kong is hot and humid, with many construction workers toiling outdoors for long hours under particular strain. To alleviate that strain, PolyU's multidisciplinary experts collaborated together to develop a uniform to protect workers from extreme heat and high humidity.

    The uniform is designed and produced with heat-moisture performance of fabrics, garment style and industry specific requirements in mind. With higher one-way transferability and liquid moisture management capacity, the technology speeds up sweat evaporation and helps to reduce heat stress. Qualitatively, the uniform, which received 87% support from workers, was considered cool, dry and comfortable without impeding work performance.The technology was licensed to the Construction Industry Council as a service to the community. Over 300,000 construction workers in Hong Kong are expected to benefit from wearing this uniform.


    Principal Researcher : Ir Prof. Albert Chan Ping-chuen

    Department of Building and Real Estate

    Team Members :

    Prof. Francis Wong Kwan-wah, Ir Dr Michael Yam Chi-ho, Dr Daniel Chan Wai-ming, Dr Edmond Lam Wai-ming, Dr GuoYue-ping, Dr Yi Wen, and Dr Jackie Yang Yang

    Merit Award

    Professional Development Programmes to Enhance Secondary School Teachers’ Understanding of Teaching their Discipline through English Medium of Instruction

    Teaching is one of the most dominant factors leading to successful learning. In recent years, our researchers have led large-scale consultancy projects which focus on the professional development of secondary school teachers. This involved 800 to 1,000 local teachers from a wide range of disciplinary areas including mathematics, science, IT, PE, arts and Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE). The teachers have developed and improved knowledge about the language used in their discipline and pedagogy, and were encouraged to introduce innovative ways of explicitly teaching language for curriculum learning.

    To reach a wider community, the team’s work and materials are shared on their “Language Across the Curriculum Professional Development” webpage (www.lacpd.net), which has had over 25,000 unique visitors since 2013.


    Principal Researcher : Dr Gail Forey

    Department of English

    Team Members :

    Mr John Polias and Miss Karine Ho Ching-hin

    Merit Award

    Development of a Multi-modal Public Transport Query and Guiding System - HK eTransport​

    Every day, over 12.6 million passenger journeys are made in the local public transport system, yet there is a lack of information available for travellers to review route configurations for combining different modes of public transport.

    The Hong Kong eTransport system was launched in 2009 providing a comprehensive solution. It was developed based on the collaboration between Transport Department and PolyU to enhance the latter’s proprietary “EasyGo” system. Key features of the system include providing multi-modal information (such as railway, bus, mini-bus, ferry and trams of all companies), multi-criteria route solution (by time, fare, interchange of stops, choice of the mode of transportation) and different operating times using geomatics technology. In 2016, it reached an average of 26,000 daily users and 1.6 million mobile downloads.

    The researchers continue to provide upgrades to the system and tackle the challenges on concession and interchange concession fare.


    Principal Researcher : Dr Lilian Pun Cheng Shuk-ching

    Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

    Team Member : Ir Dr Geoffrey Shea Yu-kai

    Merit Award

    Music Intervention for People with Dementia and their Family Caregivers​

    Persons with early dementia (PWeD) often experience anxiety and sleep problems. Music intervention is a useful tool for managing anxiety and sleep disturbances for those with dementia. However, home-based music interventions are not available in Hong Kong. Through sponsorship from a local charitable organisation, the researchers designed and put to test a caregiver-delivered, home-based Music-with-Movement (MWM) intervention. Eight non-governmental organisations participated in the study, with social centre staff and caregivers trained using the Train-the-Trainer principle on how to deliver the intervention to PWeD.

    The MWM intervention has positive effects on reducing depressive symptoms of PWeD and anxiety of caregivers. The families reported that PWeD experienced improvements in mood, memory, body coordination, and interactions.


    Principal Researcher : Prof. Claudia Lai Kam-yuk

    School of Nursing

    Team Member : Dr Daphne Cheung Sze Ki

  • Research Excellence Award

    Generating new discoveries, methodologies and innovative solutions for application to real-life issues.

    Grand Award

    Advanced Textile Technologies

    PolyU’s research into different facets of advanced textile technology and their applications have led to developments in novel spun yarn structures; textile-based strain, pressure and bio-potential sensors; polymer fiber photonic devices; natural anti-bacterial fibrous materials and mechanism in bio-sourced and degradable PHBV/PLA textiles; as well as design, fabrication and modeling of textile-based energy generators.

    Application of these novel commercially viable advanced textile technologies has been incorporated into (i) smart fibrous materials, devices and systems; (ii) new textile manufacturing processes, machinery and technology; and (iii) green textile materials and green manufacturing processes.

    Up to now, 31 patents have been acquired covering this set of new technologies. PolyU has also collaborated with companies in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and overseas through joint research, consultancy services and licensing deals. The research results have also been published in leading materials science journals and textile research journals.


    Principal Researcher : Prof. Tao Xiaoming

    Institute of Textiles and Clothing


    Satellite-Based Geohazards Monitoring Technologies

    Detection of early signals of geohazards such as landslides and monitoring their progress over time can help to better manage geohazards and minimise their impacts. The geohazards monitoring technologies were developed for geohazards detection, monitoring and management. Two main streams of technologies have been developed, i.e., those based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems such as GPS) and InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar).

    The GNSS technologies involve innovations in hardware design, software modules and specialised data processing models and algorithms. The researchers have developed several generations of multi-antenna GNSS technologies, which have become an industry standard for monitoring landslides and structural safety. Implementation of the technologies in several countries was successfully carried out through consultancy services to ensure a safe living environment by monitoring the deformation of various objects such as slopes and dams. The InSAR gathers and processes satellite radar remote sensing images to obtain information on the Earth. The team has also developed innovative InSAR data processing models and algorithms to produce more accurate and reliable measurement results.


    Principal Researcher : Prof. Ding Xiaoli

    Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

    Team Members : Dr Zhang Lei, Mr Yang Wentao and Prof. Chen Wu


    Nanofibre Technologies for Use in Air Filtration​

    Nano-aerosols with particle sizes of 100 nanometres or smaller can be found in vehicle pollutants, power-plant emissions, and combustion. They are the source of smog and fine particulate matters. Another source of nano-aerosols is air-borne viruses.

    Filters made of nanofibres 100-300 nanometres can effectively capture nano-aerosols, however pressure drop can be significant. PolyU has developed two disruptive technologies to alleviate the pressure drop. In short-term use and light aerosol loading, the nanofibres are divided into multiple layers by porous scrim materials to achieve a 3-dimensional open/permeable structure. For long-term use and heavy aerosol loading, a microfiber (2-20 micrometers) filter is installed upstream of the nanofibre filter to reduce the skin effect and increase the storage capacity of the overall filter. Very significant pressure loss reduction has been obtained, rendering our two technologies suitable for use in face mask and cabin filters. These technologies have received 3 US patents and 2 international invention awards.


    Principal Researcher : Ir Prof. Wallace Leung Woon-fong

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Technological Excellence Award

    Application of technological / industrial advancement and solutions to business, industrial and public sectors

    Grand Award

    Research of Robotics from Deep Space Exploration to Non-invasive Surgery and Other Civil Applications

    Research in robotics of significant impact is unique as it requires the combined contribution of knowledge in many branches of science and engineering. PolyU's knowledge developed in this area has been successfully transferred to the development of innovative equipment for the good of the community. From the technology developed for deep space exploration tools such as those used in the European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission, China’s Chang’e 3 lunar exploration mission and Chang’e 5 lunar sample return mission, other technological breakthroughs followed. These include the high precision Micro Injection Moulding Machine which lowers the production cost of high precision micro products; and the development of an unique Non-invasive Surgery Robot, which keeps robotic arms small in size as they enter the body separately then capable of being reassembled into different shapes, depending on the surgical procedure. The surgery robot developed will further reduce post-surgery trauma and reduce hospitalised time.


    Principal Researcher : Ir Prof. Yung Kai-leung

    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Merit Award

    Novel Anti-cancer Technology (HAI-PEG20) for Treating Various Cancers

    Arginine deprivation has become a new cancer treatment paradigm and has been exploited for treatment of various cancers. Arginine is an essential amino acid for the growth of cancer cells. Deprivation of arginine induces death of cancer cells but is generally well tolerated in normal cells.

    The success in the new drug and technology (HAI-PEG20) is designed to deplete the external supply of arginine, causing cancer cells to die while leaving normal cells unharmed. It is found that most cancers have a high degree of arginine-dependency and can potentially be treated with engineered HAI-PEG20, including the difficult-to-treat cancers or metastatic cancers. Engineered HAI-PEG20 is shown to have synergistic effects when used together with other drugs. Excellent performances have been observed in animal models, including liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, etc. HAI-PEG20 is licensed to an international biotech company for commercialisation.


    Principal Researchers : Prof. Thomas Leung Yun-chung and Dr Thomas Lo Wai-hung

    Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

    State Key Laboratory of Chirosciences

    Lo Ka Chung Centre for Natural Anti-Cancer Drug Development


    Merit Award

    Optimal and Energy Efficient Design and Control of Building HVAC Systems​

    Buildings account for the largest electricity consumption worldwide.In Hong Hong, 91% of electric energy consumption comes from commercial and industrial buildings. On average, over 50% of the energy is used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).However, excessive energy is consumed in buildings and HVAC systems due to improper design, commissioning and operation and control.

    The optimisation strategies and energy efficient approaches for building HVAC systems cover all sub-systems in commercial HVAC systems as well as special indoor environment control systems, such as those serving cleanrooms, industrial processes and underground stations. Some of the key features include robust optimal design of HVAC systems, building energy diagnostic methods and tools, optimal control of air side and water side systems.


    Principal Researcher : Prof. Wang Shengwei

    Department of Building Services Engineering

    Team Members : Dr Linda Xiao Fu, Dr Shan Kui and Dr Gao Diance


    Merit Award

    Smart Pressure Monitored Suit (SPMS)​

    Smart Pressure Monitored Suit (SPMS) is the first innovative medically prescribed pressure therapy product designed in Asia. By using 3D scanning and the computerised pattern drafting system (YUKA), any injured body region of a patient can be transformed into two-dimensional paper patterns, which can then be tailored for sewing a tightly fitting SPMS for the patient.

    The SPMS is applicable to different medical conditions including post-burn hypertrophic scar, post-surgery lymphoedema, varicose vein and deep vein thrombosis. Its elastic property can also be used to reshape body contour after plastic reconstructive surgery such as mastectomy.It is also found to be comfortable, with good air permeability, well fitted and durable. The SPMS is already patented in the Chinese Mainland and United States and is licensed to Champion Rehabilitation Limited and a hospital in the PRC.


    Principal Researcher : Prof. Cecilia Li-Tsang Wai-ping

    Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

    Team Member : Ms Joy Lau Chung-man

    Merit Award

    Radiation-free Assessment of Scoliosis Using 3D Ultrasound​

    Scolioscan is the first radiation-free imaging device in the world dedicated for scoliosis assessment using 3D ultrasound imaging. Its novel idea is to use 3D ultrasound imaging to form coronal view as well as 3D volumetric imaging for spine structure to assess the spine deformity along different planes. Unlike X-rays, the Scolioscan is radiation-free and enables safer screening whenever needed, allowing healthcare workers to detect scoliosis at an early stage or avoid unnecessary treatments for patients with stable spinal angles. It also allows close follow-up monitoring, easy evaluation of treatment outcome and provides a unique method for research of the origin of scoliosis and development of new treatment modalities for scoliosis.

    This novel technology is licensed to a medical imaging equipment supplier.To date, over 2,000 children with scoliosis have been scanned using Scolioscan and results have been very positive.


    Principal Researcher : Ir Prof. Zheng Yong-ping

    Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering

  • Partnership Award Recipients

    The companies and organisations listed below have developed long-term strategic partnership and mutual trust with us. We are proud to have helped them achieve innovative solutions in terms of business productivity, technology development and positive social impact to our economy and community.

    Avalon Nanofiber Limited

    Areas of Collaboration

    • R&D on application of multilayer nano-fibre technology for medical / environmental use
    • Technology licencing of Nano-fibre filters for facemasks

    Bio-Medical Engineering (HK) Limited

    Areas of Collaboration

    • R&D on the next generation of non-invasive surgical robotic technologies and systems

    Champion Rehabilitation Limited​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • R&D on post burn hypertrophic scar management
    • Technology licensing of ‘Smart Pressure Monitored Suit’ for patients with hypertrophic scarring, varicose veins or lymphedema problems

    Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co. Limited​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Brand loyalty management
    • Brand sustainable development
    • Integration of marketing communications campaigns in social media
    • Service quality management

    Construction Industry Council

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Construction safety and health studies
    • Construction technologies
    • Environmental and sustainable construction materials
    • Technical advice on policies and legislative proposals

    Education Bureau

    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Language training for teachers
    • Curriculum and material development
    • Pedagogy strategies for language learning
    • Teaching and learning strategies and assessment

    Hallyuen Holdings Limited​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Development of anti-counterfeit Nano Anti-Erasing Ink and functional ink (e.g. migration resistance and oil resistance) products for printing onto various applications, such as fast moving consumer goods, optic fibres and wires, pharmaceutical products and daily necessities

    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Error control coding
    • High performance computing systems
    • Optical communication systems and devices

    Johnson & Johnson Vision ​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Contact lens performance studies
    • Myopia research

    Manulife (International) Limited​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Advanced Retirement Planning Development Programme
    • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Continuous Professional Training (CPT) programmes

    MTR Corporation Limited​

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Advanced Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) optical sensing system for railway performance monitoring
    • Building energy performance assessment and optimisation
    • Customer service surveys
    • Engineering and technical consultancy study
    • Human resources strategy and development
    • Life cycle performance and optimization of equipment, products and systems

    New B Innovation Limited

    New C Innovation Limited*

    NewSA Limited*

    Areas of Collaboration

    • R&D in diagnostic kit development
    • R&D in drug development for  different cancer treatment
    * A subsidiary company of New B Innovation Limited​

    Transport Department

    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    Areas of Collaboration

    • Human resources strategy and development
    • Information technology and Geo-informatics
    • Web-enabling technology
  • Acknowledgement

    We wish to express our immense gratitude to the following members of the PolyU Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Awards Assessment Panel for their support.

    Mr Nicholas Chan

    Partner, Squire Patton Boggs

    Member, Entrepreneurial Programmes Management Committee, PolyU


    Ir Prof. Ko Jan-ming

    Professor Emeritus

    Faculty of Construction and Environment, PolyU


    Ir Dr Humphrey Leung Kwong-wai, JP

    Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Solomon Systech Ltd.

    Chairman, Knowledge Transfer Committee, PolyU


    Dr Raymond Leung Siu-hong

    Chairman, FiMax Technology Limited

    Member, Knowledge Transfer Committee, PolyU

    Member, Entrepreneurial Programmes Management Committee, PolyU


    Dr Miranda Lou

    Vice President (Administration and Business), PolyU

    Chairman, Board of Directors, PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co. Limited


    Dr Samson Tam, JP


    Hong Kong Industry University Research Collaboration Association


    Dr Alwin Wong

    Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, PolyU

    General Manager, PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co. Limited


    Prof. Maurice Yap

    Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

    Chair Professor, School of Optometry, PolyU

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